Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will happily address any concerns or questions you may have regarding moves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What documents are needed when moving overseas?

Please provide copies of the photograph pages of your passport (pages 1 ~ 2 in the Japanese passport) and also copies of visas required by the foreign country (if required). Also, once your plane reservations have been made, please provide copies of the E-tickets. (Contact our person in charge for more details.)

How are the fees for moving overseas determined?

There are two ways of sending items overseas, either by ship or air, and the fees will vary accordingly.
---By Ship---
The shipping costs are determined by the total volume (in cubic meters) of the shipment, the destination, and the requested services.
---By Air---
The shipping costs are determined by the weight (in kilograms) of the shipment, the destination, and the requested services.

How much can fit into a 1 cubic meter container?

About 10 of our cardboard boxes comprise one cubic meter.

How many days will it take for a shipment to reach its destination?

The normal time needed for shipments to be delivered to their destinations are as follows:

--By Ship---
Asia … 20~30 days
North America … 30~50 days
Europe … 40~50 days
---By Air----
Asia … 5~7 days
North Americ … 7~12 days
Europe … 7~12 days

What should be done if the address overseas has not been decided at the time of shipment?

Requirements vary according to country, so please consult with us beforehand.

What should be done with cardboard boxes and other packing materials?

Our company will provide cardboard boxes for overseas shipment.

Is it possible to take cars?

Regulations and conditions vary according to the country when cars are taken from Japan.
Generally it is possible to bring cars into Japan from abroad.
Costs vary depending on the car model and conditions, so please fill out an Inquiry form to request further information.

Can we take pets?

Yes. When cats and dogs are taken overseas, documentation proving that vaccinations against rabies have been given must be provided beforehand. It is also necessary to verify the requirements at the destination.
We recommend directly contacting Animal Quarantine Service as early as possible. Please check here:
» [external link] Animal Quarantine Service

Will you dispose of large waste (unneeded items)?

Yes, we will take care of any unneeded items in the course of the move.
We will dispose of unneeded items at the same time, free of transportation charge.

I would like to take certain food items, is that possible?

Please consult with us beforehand as import regulations vary according to country.
For example, it is not possible to bring in food items into North America.

Are there any items that you cannot handle?

Books, Documents Pornography, Politically inflammatory works
Animals, Plants Meats, Vegetables, Seeds, Dairy Products · Processed Meat or Fish
Valuables Cash, Securities, Stocks, Bank Notes, Precious Metals, Antiques, Items whose value is difficult to determine
Dangerous Goods Spray containers, Fireworks, Firearms and Swords, Inflammable Materials, Matches, Lighters, Gas Cartridges for Refueling Lighters, Other Combustible Substances
Chemicals Poisons, Hazardous Substances, Narcotics
Food Meats, Meat Products, Vegetables, Seeds, Dairy Products
Other Items processed using ingredients from wild plants and animals (skins, furs, horns, bones, ivory, etc.) that have been designated by the Washington Convention as being endangered species; soil (including items connected to it); straw products (such as mats); large amounts of items covered by drug laws etc. which cannot be shipped without the necessary export licenses and certificates of approval.

In addition, depending on the country there may be other things which cannot be shipped, so please be sure to check local laws.
* Currently packages containing food items destined for the USA are prohibited.