Basic Facts about Moving Overseas

Things you should know, from Tokyo Express

How to pack a cardboard box

1. As shown above, tape vertically and horizontally.
2. Use cushioning materials when packing breakable objects.
3. We will assist with safe and strong packing.
4. Packing lists are needed when going through Customs and must show the types of items and number of items
  on the top of each box or on its side.

Cardboard Box Size

S(Small) 400mm(width) X 320mm(depth) X 320mm(height) Books, paper, CD, DVD, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, small items, etc.
M(Medium) 500mm(width) X 420mm(depth) X 420mm(height) Clothes, bags, hangers, towels, toys, shoes, pots, stereo components, etc.
L(Large) 600mm(width) X 500mm(depth) X 500mm(height) Clothing, blankets, cushions, clothing cases (small), etc.

Items that cannot be exported when moving overseas

Books, Documents Pornography, Politically inflammatory works
Animals, Plants Meats, Vegetables, Seeds, Dairy Products · Processed Meat or Fish
Valuables Cash, Securities, Stocks, Bank Notes, Precious Metals, Antiques, Items whose value is difficult to determine
Dangerous Goods Spray containers, Fireworks, Firearms and Swords, Inflammable Materials, Matches, Lighters, Gas Cartridges for Refueling Lighters, Other Combustible Substances
Chemicals Poisons, Hazardous Substances, Narcotics
Food Meats, Meat Products, Vegetables, Seeds, Dairy Products
Other Items processed using ingredients from wild plants and animals (skins, furs, horns, bones, ivory, etc.) that have been designated by the Washington Convention as being endangered species; soil (including items connected to it); straw products (such as mats); large amounts of items covered by drug laws etc. which cannot be shipped without the necessary export licenses and certificates of approval.

In addition, depending on the country there may be other things which cannot be shipped, so please be sure to check local laws.
* Currently packages containing food items destined for the USA are prohibited.

Prohibited items imported from abroad

Opium, cocaine, heroin and other narcotics, cannabis, stimulants, psychotropic drugs
Counterfeited, falsified, or imitation currencies or stock certificates
Guns and other firearms, ammunition
Porn magazines, video tapes
Goods that infringe upon intellectual property rights, such as brand-named goods
Products made from animals or their byproducts designated in the Act on Domestic Animal Infectious
 Diseases Control and Plant Protection Act as well as plants and their packaging.

* Items that cannot be shipped vary according to country, so please feel free to consult us.