Storage of goods/Disposal of unwanted items

Our warehouses can accommodate the storage of household items if necessary during a move.


Regarding storage of items

Our warehouses can accommodate if storage is necessary.
We take great care in storing your household items.
Delivery of stored items will be made at a time convenient to the customer.
Please consult us for more information at any time.
We store items according to customer's wishes and conditions!
We carefully pack items to prevent damage or soiling!
Both short-term and long-term storage is possible.
Closet boxes are used for clothing.
There is also safe household goods insurance should the need arise.
Securities (coins, bills, revenue stamps, checks, stock certificates, bonds, etc.)
Jewelry / Precious metals
Explosives / Fire hazardous materials
Unsanitary items and types of liquids · foliage plants
Special kinds of furniture and luggage that is normally difficult to store

Disposal of unnecessary items

We can dispose of any unnecessary household items.
For customers requesting disposal of unnecessary items at the time of moving, there are no additional transportation costs.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.